Acrylic & Oils

Working with buttery Oils or vibrant and fast drying Acrylics is a choice I tend to make according to the weather. I use oils in the summer months more frequently as I prefer to use them outside, acrylics on the other hand, have become a favourite as they are useful for their versatility being fast drying when working within a time limit.
My colour palette remains more or less the same whether I’m working in acrylics, oils or watercolours, with few variations. I usually sketch in watercolour first adding markers and inks, pencils or charcoal to get a feel for the subject before applying the heavier paint. Acrylics, Gouache, inks and pastels find their way into many of my finishes pieces.
Knowing when a piece is finished is the challenge for all artists,
so I try to stop just before the end....whenever that is!

Glowing Warmington
Poppies - Acrylic
Cornfield - Acrylic
Woodland Path - Acrylic
Barnwell Country Park - Acrylic
Barnwell Mill - Acrylic
Blue Breeze - Acrylic
Buttercups - Acrylic
Folksworth Sheep - Acrylic
Lilford Bridge - Acrylic
Olive Grove, Portugal - Acrylic
Orton Longueville Church - Acrylic
Poppies, Views of Oundle - Acrylic
River View - Acrylic
Summer Time - Acrylic
The Lone Sculler - Acrylic
Warmington Hill - Acrylic
Warmington Hill. Corn Field - Acrylic
Warmington Hill. High Summer - Acrylic
Warmington Hill. March - Acrylic
White Sails - Oil
Violet Sky Over Sand - Oil
Stamford - Pastel
Spring Path - Acrylic on Canvas
Spring Greens - Oil on Canvas
Scarlet Meadow - Oil on Canvas
Scarlet & Emerald - Oil
Pink Sky Over Pilton - Acrylic
Mill Pond - Acrylic on Canvas
Evening Sky - Oil
Algarve Turquoise Sea - Oil